Our relationship to King Henry VIII

This page is relevant to anyone who is descended from Mary Boleyn, or from John West and Unity Crowshaw, or from Mary Macon Aylett and Philip Fitzhugh.  There will be thousands of such persons, and indeed about twenty non-Fitzhugh-family-members are know to the author. Mary Boleyn was the sister of the famous Anne Boleyn, King Henry VIII’s second wife, who was beheaded in 1536. Henry and Mary had an affair lasting six years between 1519-1526, and the central question asks who is the father of Mary’s daughter Catherine – was it King Henry VIII, or Mary’s husband Henry Carey?  A highly researched Appendix, which does not appear in very early editions, entitled “My Granny Was a Whore…, Or A Love Story…, Or Our Descent From Henry VIII?” – 43 pages, 10 pictures, 2 family trees – is available from the author at henryfitzhugh@talktalk.net. It concludes with around 90% certainty that the father was King Henry VIII.